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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for Women

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We offer individual, group, inpatient, and residential mental health and substance abuse services to women. Programs include the treatment of general mental health problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), alcohol/substance abuse, geriatric issues, and serious mental illness.

In addition, the Center for Returning Veterans is a resource for OEF/OIF veterans, both male and female.

Some of our substance abuse and inpatient treatment services are provided in mixed gender settings that regularly accommodate women, while others are female-only settings. Referral to the appropriate service is available from the Urgent Care Psych Triage walk-in clinic, from your primary care physician, or from the Women Veterans Program Manager.

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Our specialized programs include:

  • This inpatient wing provides care in a setting that considers the special needs of women veterans, with particular attention to privacy, safety and sensitivity.

  • This nationally known PTSD-Substance Use Disorder Residential Program is located on our Brockton Campus. It offers twelve weeks of integrated treatment for women who want to begin working on both PTSD and substance use disorders.

    Our goal is to help women develop skills to maintain abstinence, manage PTSD symptoms, and address trauma issues. The program offers:

     - assessment;
     - group, individual and psycho-pharmacological treatment, and
     - psycho-educational programs

  • This program offers outpatient treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related mental health problems.

    A full line of services including psychiatry, individual and group therapy, psychological assessment, case management and consultation are available.

  • These programs provide temporary housing to veterans while offering treatments for a wide range of mental health concerns including substance abuse, as well as job training.  One program specifically for women veterans is the TRUST house.

  • The TRUST House treats women veterans with PTSD and mood and substance use disorders. Up to 7 women live in a community residence in he Jamaica Plain area. 

    Treatment involves individual therapy, case management, group therapy, house meetings, and paid work experience through the Compensated Work Therapy program.


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