VA Boston Healthcare System


Patient Information

Before you Visit

Determine your eligibility
Determine your eligibility. (Use our eligibility page to make an application for health care beneifits)

Schedule an appointment
Eligible Veterans should contact the Call Center to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider

Change or cancel an appointment
If you have an existing appointment and cannot keep it, let us help you change it. This way, we will be able to see another Veteran during that time period.

During Your Stay or Care

Advance Directives
Tell us in writing about the kind of care you want if you cannot speak for yourself.

Patient Education
A number of educational resources are available to you at no cost.

Customer Service
Let us help you resolve your issue.

After Your Visit

Billing and Insurance
Learn more about billing and insurance.

Release of Information
Let our staff help you get the information you need.

Caregiver Program
Learn more about the support and services VA offers Family Caregivers.